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Online Training Course- The Classic Class

Videos + (3)Practical Lash Studies

Get Access to Online Training Videos for life:

Full Set Application- Step by Step Guide

Fill Application- Step by Step Guide

How to guides on every lash product

Client Medical Forms

+ So Much More

Practical Lash Studies

Required for certification

What are Practical Lash Studies?

Lash studies are an in-depth investigation, and a hands on application, of understanding the theory and practical taught through our Online training course. The lash study is shown through photographic evidence and written document, the ability to apply lash extensions properly to a real model.

3 Practical Lash Studies are required to be passed for certification.

For more information on Practical Lash Studies, view here.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Morgan McGrath

    Morgan McGrath

    Hi! My name is Morgan McGrath I first started Lashing in Alaska in 2013, then I went to beauty school in Minnesota in 2015-16. It was at beauty school that I began creating my training program. I wanted to be able to teach my other cosmo friends how to do lashes, since my school was not teaching eyelash extensions. This is my why... My life was changed for the better when I began my lash career and I want to be able to give this gift and freedom to share with others. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or help you may need. I am excited to share the journey with you.


  • Can I really learn how to eyelash extensions through an online course?

    Yes. You will receive access to 13+ videos, Our Manual for The Classic Class (60+pages), Quizzes during the videos, and you will need to submit 3 Practical Lash Studies for real feedback.

  • Is a product kit included in the purchase for Online Training?

    No. We do not provide training kits for the Online Training. We recommend purchasing one for the training.

  • Why do I need to submit 3 Practical Lash Studies?

    The purpose is to apply your online training and manual research with 3 different live models, to demonstrate your understanding and ability. We know that lashing different clients can be super challenging. Our goal is to limit those challenges by building a strong foundational skill set to prepare you for real life client situations.


by Katie Hutchins


by Katie Hutchins

Perfect course for starting! Thank you Ida Jane!

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